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TD SYNNEX is going beyond the basement with a rapidly emerging market in the gaming vertical. Students of all ages, K-12 through higher education, can enhance their critical thinking, collaboration, teamwork and problem-solving skills by engaging in esports activities.

Each one of our vendor partners provide solutions that take an esports program to the next level - from the forward-facing, device-and-accessories bundle to the background requirements of storage and networking through the ability to connect and secure the experience. The persona of a gamer is no longer wiping Cheetos on their sweatpants. They are competing on global university endorsed esports teams, drafting engineering models or producing high-end graphic design projects.

Join TD SYNNEX in maximizing this unbound vertical.

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Learn how you can build a business segment in the rapidly growing gaming and e-sports markets.

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Growth of eSports in Schools

Download this white paper and learn how eSports are growing in higher education.

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