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Intel® Geti™ Platform Battlecard
Download our quick guide to learn how this new software platform enables users to quickly develop and implement computer vision models.

AI on IA Digital Playbook
Discover how to start or scale your AI practice with TD SYNNEX and Intel solutions through this interactive playbook.

Intel Enterprise Software Solutions
Learn how to build trust in hybrid cloud environments, boost workload efficiency and deliver greater returns on AI with these all-new solutions.

Vision AI Aggregated Solutions
See how TD SYNNEX brings computer vision and AI together to improve performance, operational efficiencies and safety with pre-validated solutions.

Training & Enablement

Unleashing Vision AI Opportunities: Introducing the Intel® Geti Platform
Hear from Intel AI experts on how to bring AI everywhere with the Intel® Geti platform. To access this training, use passcode: *&Pw1Tdq.

Intel AI Webisode Series
Watch this Intel AI series to explore the ins and outs of AI and how this high-demand offering can help customers maximize their potential.

Thought Leadership

Intel Community
Join the Intel Community to ask questions and share insights on Intel solutions in an open forum.

How Intel Builds AI With People in Mind
Learn how Intel is taking significant steps to ensure a people-first approach to AI.

New MLCommons Results Highlight Impressive Competitive AI Gains for Intel
Read the overview of MLCommons’ industry AI performance benchmark which shows how the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor delivered inspiring training results.

Intel Presents Latest Computer Vision Research and Achievements at CVPR 2023
Find out what you missed from the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Conference including Intel’s six main conference papers.

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