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TD SYNNEX Aggregated Solutions for Smart Spaces

TD SYNNEX Vision AI Aggregated Solutions provides validated, ready-to-deploy solutions that utilize state-of-the-art GPU hardware and AI software to solve today's most complex customer challenges. Partnering with the world’s leading ISVs, TD SYNNEX offers a complete deployable bundle to increase operational efficiency and safety for use cases across smart spaces, such as cities, retail, transit, stadiums, campus manufacturing and more.

Experience a simplified purchasing process and ongoing sales support. It’s now easier than ever to add automation into your customer’s infrastructure, enabling applications which require video analytics capabilities such as object recognition, classification and detection.

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Transforming Safety and Security
With AxxonSoft and Vision AI

By utilizing AI technology through AxxonSoft's Axxon One VMS, organizations can proactively identify threats, efficiently monitor crucial areas, and swiftly respond to incidents, ensuring enhanced operational efficiency and safety across industries like retail, manufacturing, transportation and public safety. This innovative approach empowers businesses to thrive in today's ever-changing landscape by staying ahead of potential risks.

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for Smart Spaces

With the deployment of approximately One billion video cameras as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors worldwide, optimizing Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled video analytics becomes vital for enhancing operational efficiency and safety in various domains such as retail, inventory management, smart cities, factories and healthcare. Explore real-world examples of how AI enabled video analytics based on the NVIDIA Metropolis application running on the NVIDIA EGX platform solves complex problems across a broad range of industries.

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Easy to Sell Aggregated Solutions
With Vision AI and NVIDIA

Discover the latest pre-validated, ready-to-deploy Vision AI aggregated solutions that combine NVIDIA-validated systems with software vendors like AxxonSoft. These pre-packaged, vertically aligned tools will help you identify opportunities with existing and net-new customers, increase the size of your opportunities and close deals faster to create immediate value for customer challenges.

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